Regular Students with a Bachelor’s Degree

Applicants previously awarded a bachelor’s degree from a qualified institution of higher learning are considered for regular admission.

Regular Students without a Bachelor’s Degree

Trinity offers law school candidates without a bachelor’s degree an exceptional opportunity to enter law school before completing their undergraduate study. Applicants may be admitted upon completion of an associate’s degree from a qualified institution or upon earning at least 60 transferable units of undergraduate study.

Transfer Students

Applicants enrolled in legal study elsewhere may be considered for transfer status. The Admissions Committee evaluates transfer applicants on a case-by-case basis, but usually requires transfer students to complete their last four semesters in residence at Trinity Law School. Applicants who have completed some law school credits at their original school may be eligible for advanced standing. Grades at or above the good standing level (good standing level is determined by the school where the classes were taken) may be accepted for transfer credit subject to similarity to Trinity Law course contents.

Applicants who have been previously dismissed by another law school may be considered for admission. If the student was dismissed at the end of their first year, units will not transfer unless they take and pass the First Year Law Students Exam.

Admission of transfer students and transfer of units are determined by the Admissions Committee and in accordance with the rules of the Bar Examiners of California. Trinity Law School does not award credit for prior experiential learning.

International Students

Trinity welcomes foreign-educated applicants. However, there are special admission requirements pertaining to the evaluation of foreign credentials. Foreign applicants must request a detailed report evaluating their transcripts from Credentials Evaluation Services (CES). Trinity can issue student visas to those who are not residents of the U.S. Please contact the Admissions Office for additional information concerning student visas.