Reference should be made to the current Academic Handbook or to the University Calendar on MyTIU and the TIU website for specific dates and deadlines for registration, thesis submission, comprehensive exams, graduation requests, adding/dropping classes, and special seminars and lectures.

The current year is 2016-17.   Next year is 2017-18

Calendar Item Current Year Next Year
Florida Regional Center - Undergraduate first day of classesJuly 1June 30
Deerfield Campus - New Student Athletic OrientationAugust 8August 7
TLS OrientationAugust 13August 12
Deerfield Campus - New Student OrientationAugust 19-23August 18-22
Deerfield Campus - TC International New Student OrientationAugust 20August 19
Deerfield Campus - TEDS International New Student OrientationAugust 23August 22
Deerfield Campus - Faculty workshopAugust 17-19August 16-18
TLS First day of Fall classesAugust 22August 21
Deerfield Campus - First day of Fall classesAugust 24August 23
ConvocationAugust 31August 30
Florida Regional Center - Graduate first day of classesEnd of AugustEnd of August
Labor Day holiday (no classes)September 5September 4
Deefield Campus - End Quad AOctober 12October 11
Deerfield Campus - Fall break (no classes)October 13-16October 12-15
Deerfield Campus - Quad B beginsOctober 17October 16
Day of Prayer (no classes)October 25October 24
Fall DMin ClassesNovember 2-12October 31-November 10
TLS Thanksgiving recess (no classes)November 21-26November 20-25
Deerfield Campus - Thanksgiving recess (no classes)November 23-28November 22-27
Florida Regional Center - Thanksgiving RecessNovember 24-25November 23-24
Deerfield Campus - Last day of classesDecember 9December 8
Florida Regional Center - Last day of ClassesDecember 17December 16
TLS Final ExamsDecember 6-17December 5-16
Deerfield Campus - Semester examsDecember 12-15December 11-14
TEDS/TGS December CommencementDecember 16December 15
TLS - Spring classes beginJanuary 9January 8
Deerfield Campus - First day of spring classesJanuary 11January 10
Martin Luther King Day holiday (no classes for the Deerfield Campus)January 16January 15
Deerfield Campus - Quad A endsMarch 1February 28
Deerfield Campus - Spring break (no classes)March 2-12March 1-11
Deerfield Campus - Quad B classesMarch 13March 12
Day of Prayer (no classes)March 29March 21
TLS Easter BreakApril 10-15March 26-31
Deerfield Campus- Easter break, no classesApril 13-18March 29-April 3
TLS FinalsApril 25-May 6April 24-May 5
Last day of classesMay 5May 4
Florida Regional Center - CommencementMay 7May 6
Deerfield Campus - Final examsMay 8-11May 7-10
TEDS/TGS CommencementMay 12May 11
TC CommencementMay 13May 12
TLS CommencementMay 13May 12
TEDS May TermMay 15-19May 14-18
TC/TGS May termMay 16 - June 2May 15 - June 1
TC/TGS Summer termMay 15 - August 16May 14 - August 15
Memorial Day holiday (no classes)May 29May 28
TLS Summer classes beginMay 15-August 12May 14-August 11
TEDS Early Summer SessionMay 22-June 30May 21-Jun 29
TEDS Late Summer SessionJuly 10 - August 16July 9 - August 15
Florida Regional Center - Last Day of ClassesJune 30June 29
Summer DMin ClassesJuly 17-27July 16-26