Purposes of the Certificate

The Certificate in Christian Studies is designed for persons who desire to take seminary coursework but are not eligible or do not wish to enroll in a degree program. It is also an appropriate course of study for persons who have not yet decided on a degree program but who wish to experience seminary coursework or to clarify their ministry calling. Admission to the Certificate does not ensure admission to a Trinity degree program. If a Certificate student later decides to enroll in a degree program, all program admission requirements must be met, and all residency requirements (those course hours that must be taken after a student has been admitted to a program) must be completed.

Admission Requirements and Prerequisites

Certificate in Christian Studies applicants should possess a baccalaureate degree, or the educational equivalent, from a recognized accredited institution.

Completion Requirements

The following requirements must be met to complete the Certificate in Christian Studies:

  • Complete a minimum of 24 graduate semester hours through Trinity with a cumulative GPA for program coursework of at least 2.0, with no course work graded below a “C-” applicable to the Certificate.
  • All coursework applicable to the Certificate must be completed within a ten-year period.
  • Application to graduate must be made by July 15 of the year of intended graduation for December graduation or by December 15 preceding the intended graduation semester for May or August graduation through the filing of the Application for Graduation form in the Records Office. This initiates the processes related to graduation and serves to advise you of the requirements necessary for program completion.
  • Evidence of Christian life and character and recommendation accordingly by the faculty.
  • Completion of all requirements required by the Catalog curricula in effect at the time of initial enrollment
  • Settlement of all financial obligations to Trinity and any other ACTS seminaries with Student Financial Services.

The Certificate in Christian Studies combines coursework throughout the curriculum. Participants are encouraged to select a breadth of courses from the various departments at TEDS. The Certificate may be completed by two semesters of full-time coursework or by part-time enrollment. Certificate courses are offered on the Deerfield campus, at TEDS extension sites, and through TEDS online courses. All Certificate coursework must be completed through Trinity. No specific courses are required for the Certificate in Christian Studies.

Christian Studies Courses

Total hours required    24 semester hours