MA/CH Concentration Purpose

The Master of Arts concentration in Church History (MA/CH) provides specialized study in the discipline of the history of the Christian church.  The MA/CH is academic rather than professional in focus, preparing participants in knowledge and practice for teaching or researching in Christian secondary schools, or higher education where a doctorate may not be needed; or as an intermediate step toward doctoral study in a related area.

MA/CH Concentration Objectives and Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will acquire a foundational understanding of the history of the Christian Church in the western and non-western world from the first century to the present.
  2. Students will develop skills in historical research and writing necessary for academic ministry or service to the local church.
  3. Students will gain confidence in using the Christian tradition in their ministries of preaching and teaching to help other Christians with issues of spiritual, doctrinal, and ecclesial identity, and to make more faithful disciples of those whom God calls them to serve.
  4. Students will grow in their understanding of and appreciation for the rich diversity of faith traditions within the Christian churches.

MA/CH Prerequisites

  1. 6 semester hours of Bible including Old and New Testament surveys; or TEDS OT 5000 and NT 5000
  2. an undergraduate major in history or its equivalent that includes a minimum of 18 hours in history
  3. a reading knowledge of languages required to complete the thesis, depending on the area of study
Bible and Theology Core
ID 5000Biblical Theology and Interpretation3
ST 5201
ST 5202
Theology I: The God of the Gospel
and Theology II: The Gospel of God
Concentration Core
CH 8100Classic Texts in the History of Christianity3
CH 8911
CH 8912
Colloquium in Historical Methodology I
and Colloquium in Historical Methodology II
Electives in Church History19-21
Field Education
Select one option from the following:0
Option 1:
Field Education (1 semester)
Option 2:
Formation Group (2 semesters)
MA/CH Capstone1-3
CH 7477MA Major Comprehensive Exam1
Select one option from the following:
Option 1:
MA Major Research Paper
and MA Major Research Paper 1
Option 2:
MA Thesis 2
Total Hours36