MA/NT Concentration Purpose

The Master of Arts concentration in New Testament (MA/NT) provides specialized study in the New Testament.  The MA/NT is academic rather than professional in focus, preparing participants in knowledge and practice for teaching or researching in Christian secondary schools, or higher education where a doctorate may not be needed; or as an intermediate step toward doctoral study in a related area.

MA/NT Concentration Objectives and Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Student will acquire a reasonable level of competency in reading, translating, and exegeting the Greek text of the New Testament (as well as the Greek and Hebrew Old Testament where called for).
  2. Student will be able to conduct research in the field of New Testament (and cognate) Studies and present research results in both oral and written form.
  3. Student will demonstrate in‑depth knowledge and understanding of major scholars, publications, methodologies, and dominant ideas of contemporary biblical scholarship.
  4. Student will be able to grasp, articulate, and appropriate Scripture's gospel message understood within the framework of God's eternal Triune being and His redemptive‑historical work.
  5. Student will be able to appropriate such gospel message in his or her own ministry and personal life.

MA/NT Prerequisites

  1. 6 semester hours of Bible including Old and New Testament surveys; or TEDS OT 5000 and NT 5000
  2. an undergraduate major in Bible or its equivalent that includes a minimum of 30 hours in Bible/Greek/theology (12 or more in Bible; beginning languages are not considered Bible courses)
  3. proficiency in biblical Greek at a level equivalent to completion of TEDS NT 4031 (two years of undergraduate Greek; testing for placement)
Bible and Theology Core
ID 5000Biblical Theology and Interpretation3
ST 5201
ST 5202
Theology I: The God of the Gospel
and Theology II: The Gospel of God
Concentration Core24
NT 5251Greek Exegesis I2
NT 5252Greek Exegesis II2
NT 8911New Testament Research2
or ID 7900 Theological Research Methods
Elective Studies in New Testament 118-20
The following courses in other departments may be completed in the Concentration Core 2
Field Education
Select one option from the following:0
Option 1:
Field Education (2 semesters)
Option 2:
Field Education (1 semester)
Formation Group (2 semesters)
MA/NT Capstone1-3
NT 7477MA Major Comprehensive Exam1
Option 1:
MA Thesis
Option 2:
MA Major Research Paper
and MA Major Research Paper
Total Hours36