By special application; may include concentrations within a department or draw from across the curriculum

Concentration Purpose and Learning Outcomes

The Master of Arts specialized concentration provides specialized study in a discipline supported by the regular curriculum offerings, but not articulated as a regular area of focused study.  The concentration is to be academic rather than professional in focus, preparing participants in knowledge and practice for teaching or researching in Christian secondary schools, or higher education where a doctorate may not be needed; or as an intermediate step toward doctoral study in a related area.

At the time of application, the applicant must work with the Admissions Office and vetted through the Dean’s Office the development of a specialized concentration with an articulated purpose, defined learning outcomes, regularly offered curriculum, and standard assessment mechanisms in place.  Learning outcomes must be identified in areas of knowledge, practice, and character.  Applicants should note that not all courses are offered every semester, and the development of the specialized concentration curriculum must be attentive to the current and regular offerings of TEDS.  Upon acceptance, the letter of admission serves as a contract of curriculum to be completed, under the auspices of the Catalog; and a faculty advisor relevant to the concentration is assigned to guide the participant through the program process.


  1. 6 semester hours of Bible including Old and New Testament surveys; or TEDS OT 5000 and NT 5000
  2. an undergraduate major appropriate to the area of specialization or a minimum of 30 hours appropriate to the specialization
Bible and Theology Core
ID 5000Biblical Theology and Interpretation3
ST 5201
ST 5202
Theology I: The God of the Gospel
and Theology II: The Gospel of God
Concentration Core
Select 12-18 hours of concentration core curriculum 1,212-18
Elective Courses
Select 8-14 hours of Elective courses8-14
Field Education
Select one option from the following:0
Option 1:
Field Education (2 semesters)
Option 2:
Field Education (1 semester)
Formation Group (2 semesters)
MA Capstone
XX 7477 Specialized Concentration Major Comprehensive Exam (depending on the area of concentration)1
Select one of the following:0-2
-- 7980 MA Capstone Research Paper (twice)
-- 7485 MA Thesis
Total hours36