Student Life

Juris Doctor Degree Program

Student life at Trinity Law School is active and vibrant. Student Life provides opportunities for students to integrate their faith with their legal education. Student Life seeks to support learning that is taking place in the classrooms by providing opportunities for students to apply what they learn to their practice. By living out what they are learning, students have the opportunity to see how our faith, built on the full revelation of Scripture, permeates and influences every aspect of our lives. Truly, no facets of our lives remain outside the reign of Jesus Christ.

Office of Student Life

To carry out the mission of Trinity Law School, the Office of Student Life coordinates forums, panel discussions, networking and social events, student success, bar exam support, career development, and campus ministry and also provides support to student groups. At the heart of the Office of Student Life is a deep desire to serve the students and facilitate their intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and social development. 

Student Groups

There are many student organizations in which students can participate. The policies and procedures governing student organizations are in Appendix 2. While student organizations change each year, the list below represents the variety of organizations that have been active on campus. For more information, please reach out to the Office of Student Life.

Christian Legal Society
Federalist Society
Black Law Students Association
Delta Theta Phi