Student Organizations

Juris Doctor Degree Program

Trinity Law Review

Founded in 1980 as the Simon Greenleaf Law Review, the Trinity Law Review has been a source of scholarship regarding law and the Christian faith as well as a broad range of other legal issues. Select students may participate in the production of the Trinity Law Review. Students invited to join the editorial board participate in all aspects of publishing the Law Review. In addition, students are encouraged to write student notes on topical issues for inclusion in the Law Review. Students are, therefore, afforded an excellent opportunity to develop scholarship skills. Participation in Law Review earns 1 credit hour per semester, up to four credits. Participation in Law Review is reserved for students in the Juris Doctor degree program.

Moot Court

Trinity Law School students may compete for a position on the Trinity Law School Moot Court team during the oral arguments conducted as part of LA 560b; those who perform well are invited to join the Moot Court team and compete in intramural competitions throughout the United States.

Moot Court competitions develop students’ research and brief-writing skills as well as their oral advocacy.  Students find it an outstanding opportunity to measure their skills against those of other law students. Students may participate in Moot Court upon completion of or concurrent enrollment in 24 units. Participation in Moot Court earns 1 or 2 credit hour(s) per semester, up to four credits. Participation in Moot Court is reserved for students in the Juris Doctor degree program.