Student Classifications

 Student classifications are based on credit hours earned.

Freshman 0-25 hours of college credits
Sophomore 26-57
Junior 58-91
Senior 92+

Regular Student: A student enrolled in a degree program at TIU.

Auditor: A student permitted to enroll in a course without being required to fulfill the normal requirements in that course when it is taken for credit. No credit is granted. Audited courses will be recorded on the official transcript. Abbreviated admissions credentials are required of those students who are only auditing classes.

Leave of Absence: A regular student, as defined above, who does not enroll in classes for one semester (summer excluded). A student who desires a leave of absence for a period of one semester should request a Leave of Absence (LOA) from the student life office. This apprises Trinity of student program plans, and enables appropriate services to be provided. A student on an approved leave of absence is considered active and campus services such as library, e-mail, faculty, etc. are available. Student accounts must also be in good standing for a student to remain active and be able to register for the next semester. See "Withdrawal or Leave of Absence from the College."  

Student At Large: A student who meets all admission requirements but is not pursuing a degree program at Trinity. Such students elect a specialized program of their own choosing and are not required to meet degree requirements.

Visiting Student: A student not pursuing a degree program but desiring to be admitted for part-time studies (a maximum of 6 hours of credit per semester). A simplified admission procedure is used.