The ADVANCE 5-year BA/MDiv program is designed for high-academic capacity students sensing an early call to pastoral ministry. This major lays a foundation for an effective ministry of biblical understanding in the context of a local church ministry. It is designed to enable a student to do further graduate studies in a seamless BA/Master of Divinity program between Trinity College and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS). The program can be accomplished in five years:

  • Two years at Trinity College with an emphasis on general education and initial Bible and ministry courses.
  • The middle year (three) has shared course load between the college and divinity school.
  • The remaining two years are in the Advanced Placement (AP) Master of Divinity program at TEDS.

Program Outcomes:

The ADVANCE/Bible and Ministry pre-seminary graduate should be able to:

  • Preparation for Graduate Studies. Be equipped with the necessary academic and research skills to meet requirements of continuing in the Master of Divinity program of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

  • Personal Christian Maturity. Demonstrate a healthy sense of self in Christ, commitment to a lifestyle of ministry and progress toward godly character.

  • Cultural Engagement. Study the Bible in its historical and cultural context and apply it to present-day ethical issues.

  • Biblical Philosophy. Grasp the message of the Bible, interpret the Scriptures accurately, develop a Christian worldview, and integrate faith, living, and learning.


Trinity College requirements for a BA in Bible and Ministry with a pre-seminary emphasis:

36 hours for General Education not fulfilled in the major (44 hours if foreign language is needed). 

54 hours for college requirements for the Advance/Bible and Ministry: Pre-Seminary degree.

30 hours from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School MDiv program (applied to BA degree).

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School requirements for the MDiv (87 program hours):

25 hours may be applied to the Master of Divinity via the advanced placement (AP) program from college studies.

62 hours for AP Master of Divinity degree.

Interpreting and Teaching the Bible
Pre-Seminary Formation Group (four semesters)
Introduction to Ministry
Integrated Field Experience - Spiritual Formation
Principles of Ministry Programming
Strategies for Discipling Ministries
Elementary Greek
Elementary Greek
Bible and Ministry Electives (BI, BRS, CM, GR, HB)4
Undergraduate Courses Taken for TEDS Credit:27
Theology I: The God of the Gospel
Theology II: The Gospel of God
American Church History (CH 5060) May be used to fulfill a general education requirement.
Theological and Sociological Foundations of Evangelism (ME 5001)
History of Christianity (CH 5051) May be used to fulfill a general education requirement.
Survey of Christian Education (EM 5100)
Introduction to Intercultural Ministry
Elementary Hebrew I
Elementary Hebrew II
TEDS Courses for Undergraduate and Graduate Credit:30
Intro to Counseling Ministries
Issues in Counseling Ministries
Theology and Methodology of Biblical Preaching
Preaching Lab
Biblical Theology and Interpretation
Greek Exegesis I
Greek Exegesis II
Exegesis for Preaching
Interpreting the Synoptics and Acts
Hebrew Exegesis
Interpreting the Pentateuch and Former Prophets
Spiritual Formation for Ministry
Christian Faith and Contemporary Challenges
Theological Ethics
Total Hours for the Advance Major84
Remaining TEDS Courses for MDIV
Preaching from the Old Testament
Formation Group
Understanding the Social and Cultural Contexts of Ministry
Interpreting Paul and General Epistles
Interpreting Johannine Literature
Interpreting the Latter Prophets
Interpreting the Writings
Christian Worship and Pastoral Practices
ST xxxx Advanced Theological Course
Internship I
Internship II
Scholarship and the Christian Mind
Total Hours for the MDiv87