Academic Integrity

The community at Trinity International University promotes a commitment to integrity in all areas of life. Academic integrity is essential in the search for and promotion of truth. The university Academic Integrity policy details the university's expectations.

In the case of an incident of cheating, plagiarism, or other academic dishonesty, the professor will submit a written report to the academic dean outlining the incident and the disciplinary action taken (usually failure of the assignment if a first incident, but depending on the severity of the incident or pattern of dishonesty, possible failure of the course). Subsequent or egregious first incidents result in more severe disciplinary actions, up to and including failure of the course or academic dismissal. Students receiving a disciplinary failure in a course may not withdraw from the course.

The academic dean will refer students with two or more incidents of academic dishonesty to the Dean of Students as a community standard violation. A file of all academic dishonesty incidents is maintained in the academic dean's office. Students with multiple incidents of academic dishonesty are subject to dismissal from Trinity College. The Scholastic Standards Committee, which includes faculty and administrative representatives, will hold a hearing to consider the case. The student is entitled to appear before the committee, and to have an advocate present. The faculty member(s) who have reported cases of academic dishonesty are expected to appear or provide information to the committee. If the Scholastic Standards Committee decides to suspend or dismiss a student, the student may appeal to the Dean of the College, whose decision will be final.