Traditional Undergraduate

At the beginning of the semester each faculty member will notify class members in writing of the attendance policy for each class. Since class attendance is important, students are urged to attend classes regularly regardless of stated attendance policies in order to participate in discussion and receive benefit from lectures and reports given in class.


If students miss one class session, they will receive a 3 percent deduction off their percentage score for the course. For example, if a student earned a 92 percent for the course but missed one class session, the student’s final percentage for the course would be 89 percent. Or, if the student earned an 86 percent for the course but missed one class session, the student’s final percentage for the course would be an 83 percent. In this way, missing a class may result in a lower grade, or it may not; however, it always results in having 3 percent deducted from the student’s score. The 3 percent reduction is due to a lack of participation in the face-to-face classroom setting. If a student misses a class, these participation points cannot be “made up.” The participation is lost. Note well: If students miss two class sessions, this amounts to missing 40 percent of the class time. If this happens, they must retake the course, with no exceptions.