Class Attendance

Traditional Undergraduate

At the beginning of the semester, each faculty member will notify class members in writing of the attendance policy for each class. Since class attendance is important, students are urged to attend classes regularly regardless of stated attendance policies to participate in discussion and receive benefit from lectures and reports given in class.

Students may be excused from face to face traditional classes for officially approved curricular or extra curricular activities without academic penalty providing the student communicates with the professor at least one week in advance of the absence to arrange for make-up work, and the activity sponsor secures approval from the academic dean for the absence at least ten days in advance of the proposed absence.

When an absence is excused, students will have the opportunity to take quizzes, tests, and submit assignments without penalty based solely on absence. A student may only be excused for up to one quarter of a course's contact hours. If absences exceed 25% of the course contact hours, the professor may apply penalties up to and including failure of the course.  

Students must attend their class(es) within the first five teaching days of the semester or they may be administratively dropped at the discretion of the Dean in consultation with the instructor(s). 

Online Undergraduate

Participation in an online class is equivalent to attendance in the face-to-face environment, and therefore, students are expected to participate in the online class regularly.  Attendance within the online class includes the following:

  • Submission of an academic assignment

  • Examination, interactive tutorial, or computer-assisted instruction

  • Study group assigned by school

  • Participation in online discussion about academic matters

  • Initiation of contact with instructor to ask question about academic subject

Students who do not participate (and therefore “attend”) class by participating in at least one assignment or discussion will be administratively withdrawn after two weeks.