Requirements for a Minor

Trinity College offers academic minors in two ways: specified and unspecified. The requirements for each are described below. 
Specified minors: In a number of academic areas, coursework for an academic minor is prescribed in this catalog. (See course requirements listed under the “Programs” tab.) Students must successfully complete all the requirements specified for the minor to be recognized and recorded. These requirements will include at least 18 credits of coursework, at least 6 credits of which must be earned at Trinity (at least 9 credits in the Biblical Studies minor). If a specified minor requires fewer than 24 credits of coursework, at least nine of the credits must be at the 200-level or above.  Specified minors will generally include one third or more of the coursework required in a major in the same field if the college offers a major in that field. 
Unspecified minors: In areas of study in which the college does not offer a specified minor (or in which both a specified minor and an unspecified minor are offered), students may elect to comprise a minor by successfully completing at least 24 credits of coursework in one department. 
Students may not declare a minor in the same field as their declared major(s). General studies majors may not declare a minor. Humanities and social science majors may only declare a minor outside of the division of the major.
To have a minor recorded, whether specified or unspecified, students must first declare that minor by completing the “Declaration of Minor” form and submitting it to the Academic Records office.