Special Events and Opportunities

Bioethics Colloquium Series

Trinity annually hosts three bioethics colloquia during the January-March period. Each colloquium features a presentation by a Christian leader in the bioethics field on a topic of widespread current interest, followed by a period of discussion. The third lecture in the series is an endowed Bioethics lectureship known as the John F. Kilner Lectures in Bioethics.  All three sessions, as well as refreshments following, are open to the entire university and surrounding community free of charge.

Endowed Lectureships and Symposia

Bernard H. Rom Preaching Lectures

Rev. Bernard H. Rom served two pastorates in his lifetime at Evangelical Free churches in Pullman, Illinois, and Madison, Wisconsin. In honor of Rev. Rom’s ministry, which was characterized by consistent biblical exposition and exceptional communication from the pulpit, his family endowed a lecture series that brings outstanding preachers to the Trinity campus each fall semester. Recent guests include Dr. Luis Palau, Dr. Robert Smith, Jr., Dr. Matthew D. Kim, and Dr. Ahmi Lee.

Christian Worldview Conversation Series

In the spirit of Christian world-and-life-view thinking and its ability to shape questions of faith and learning in the context of the Christian academe, Trinity has initiated the Christian Worldview Conversation Series. Funding for this endowed series has been provided by the Institute for Advanced Christian Studies founded by the late Dr. Carl F. H. Henry, whose writings and life shape contemporary Christian worldview thinking. Additional funding comes from friends of the late Dr. Kenneth S. Kantzer, whose life and character as dean of both the Divinity School and Graduate School and also as president of Trinity College shaped the Trinity of today. The series provides a context for sustained conversations that compel the engagement of the Christian world and life view with the breadth of the disciplines in theology, the humanities, and the natural and social sciences. Recent guests include: Dr. Harold Netland, Dr. Peter Williams, Ms. Lisa Fields. Dr. Rebecca McLaughlin, Dr. Dan Wallace, and Pastor Sam Allberry.

J. Herbert and Winnifred M. Kane Global Engagement Lectures

The late Dr. Kane served as a professor of mission at Trinity during the 1970s. These Global Engagement Lectures established by Dr. Kane’s family and friends in his honor bring a mission theorist to campus to address issues in the global church and the idea of world Christians, a term used by Dr. Kane. Recent guests have included Dr. Ajith Fernando, Dr. Tadataka Maruyama, and Dr. Juan Samuel Escobar.Topical Dialogues

Additional lectures, dialogues, and symposia are offered on a regular basis on the Trinity campus. Often these are discipline specific and may be a one-time presentation or a series of dialogues. These include topical conversations in theology, Christian thought, educational ministries, church history, spiritual formation and engagement with contemporary society. Guests represent a breadth of international contexts, and topics vary widely. Funding for Topical Dialogues come from a variety of TEDS friends, including The Family Altar League, the family of Mel Larson, and the family of A. J. Thorwall.