Note: Alumni of Trinity International University are indicated by parenthetical degree and year following the name.

Graham A. Cole, ThD
Dean of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

H. Wayne Johnson, PhD (MDiv ’83, ThM ’84)
Associate Dean of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School 

Richard E. Averbeck, PhD
Director of the PhD/Theological Studies Program

Deborah A. Colwill (MDiv '98, PhD '05)
Educational Ministries Department Chair

William Donahue, PhD
Director of the Professional Doctoral Program

Stephen P. Greggo, PsyD
Counseling Department Chair

David M. Gustafson, PhD (MDiv ’88, ThM ’89)
Mission and Evangelism Department Chair

Donald Guthrie, PhD (MDiv ’85)
Director of the PhD/Educational Studies Program

Dennis R. Magary, PhD (MDiv ’77)
Old Testament and Semitic Languages Department Chair

Jules Martinez-Olivieri (MDiv '04, PhD '13)
Director of MA in Ministry

Emanuel Naydenov, PhD
Director of Extension, Affiliate Education and the MA/TS

Jay Noh (PhD '97)
Director of Korea DMin

David W. Pao, PhD
New Testament Department Chair

Craig L. Ott  (PhD ’91)
Director of the PhD/Intercultural Studies Program

Michael D. Reynolds, DMin (MAR ’93)
Executive Director and Associate Dean, South Chicago Regional Center

Steve Roy (PhD ’01)
Pastoral Theology Department Chair

Phillip W. Sell, PhD
Director of Supervised Ministries and Placement

John Simons, JD (PhD '18)
Director of Master's Programs

Doug Sweeney, PhD (MA ’89)
Church History and the History of Christian Thought Department Chair