Endowed Faculty Chairs

The G. W. Aldeen Chair of International Studies is provided by Mr. Aldeen’s children, June Aldeen Anderson and the late Norris Aldeen.

The Wesley Anderson Chair of Business is given in honor of Wesley Anderson”s outstanding fiscal leadership and service to the university.  The Chair of the Trinity College business department occupies this chair.

The Eva Cornelius Chair of Christian Education was funded by Miss Eva Cornelius to advance the Christian education ministry of the seminary.

The Franklin and Dorothy Forman Chair of Christian Ethics and Theology is funded by Mr. and Mrs. Forman.

The Jeanette L. Hsieh Chair of Educational Leadership was given in honor of Dr. Hsieh's outstanding leadership at Trinity International University.  The Director of the PhD (Educational Studies) Program occupies this chair.  

The Paul E. Little Chair of Evangelism honors the life of evangelist and TEDS professor of evangelism Paul E. Little to further the study and practice of evangelism at TEDS.

The Richard A. Swanson Chair of Preaching and Pastoral Theology is given by Craig and Susan Swanson. The Chair is used to provide financial support for a faculty position in the Pastoral Theology department at TEDS in perpetuity, specifically a position that will be used to equip men and women to be preachers of the Gospel

The Susan B. Stover Chair for Leadership in Christian Higher Education is occupied by the Dean of the College and Graduate School.

The Tite Tiénou Chair of Global Theology and World Christianity was given in honor of Dr. Tienou's outstanding leadership in this area.  Successors to this chair will demonstrate commitment and ability to lead in mission and global theology.

The William Washington Chair of Student Leadership was given in honor of Dr. Washington’s outstanding leadership in Student Life. The Senior Vice President for Student Life will occupy this chair.