Affiliate Faculty are those persons with annual part-time contractual responsibilities at Trinity in either teaching or administration; however, they also have major commitments to another employer that prohibits them from full participation in daily campus life. They are appointments of the Dean.

Kenneth V. Botton
Affiliate Professor of Pastoral Theology
Coordinator of Chaplaincy Studies

BUS University of New Mexico
MDiv Talbot Theological Seminary
MA, PhD Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Dr. Botton maintains extensive ties to various forms of chaplaincy ministries. A retired U.S. Navy chaplain, he now serves as Chaplain Endorser for the Plymouth Brethren, supervising 15 chaplains, and also ministers as Associate Chaplain at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. A member of the National Conference on Ministry to the Armed Forces, Chaplains Alliance for Religious Liberty, the Association for Professional Chaplains and the Military Chaplains Association, Dr. Botton regularly participates in ongoing discussions relating to the intersection of religious liberties and the Constitution.  In addition to coordinating Chaplaincy Studies at TEDS, Dr. Botton teaches in Trinity’s REACH program and has lectured at various Bible Schools in New Zealand and India.

Bradley J. Gundlach
Affiliate Professor of Church History
Professor of History, Trinity College

AB, Princeton University
MA, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
MA, PhD, University of Rochester

Dr. Gundlach specializes in American intellectual, cultural, and religious history and also enjoys teaching broadly in world civilization, the philosophy and methods of history, and church history – having recently taken Trinity College students to Europe for the Western Cultural Heritage class and taught Reformation History and Theology for the Ambex program in Germany. He serves as director of the division of Humanities and as book review editor for Fides et Historia, the journal of the Conference on Faith and History. Dr. Gundlach is the author of Process and Providence: The Evolution Question at Princeton, 1845-1929, and is currently at work on a biography of Princeton theologian B.B. Warfield. Dr. Gundlach is the Director of the Division of Humanities.

Martin I. Klauber
Affiliate Professor of Church History

BA, State University of New York at Buffalo
MA, MDiv, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
MA, PhD, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Dr. Klauber is an investment banker and author of several scholarly works on post-Reformation theology. In addition to teaching regularly on Trinity’s campus, he frequently teaches at Trinity’s extension sites.

Alice Ott
Affiliate Professor of the History of Mission and World Christianity

BGS, Ohio University
MDiv, PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Dr. Ott served as a missionary in Germany for twenty-one years. Her areas of expertise include German Pietism, Pietist missions, and the history of the missionary movement.  She has contributed chapters to various academic volumes on Pietism. Likewise Dr. Ott’s research on the religious history of the Harmony Society was published in 2014 as The Sunwoman in the Wilderness.  She has published an article on the role of gender, race, and world mission in the journal Studies in World Christianity.

Michael D. Reynolds
Affiliate Professor of Pastoral Theology
Director of the Master of Arts in Urban Ministries
Executive Director and Associate Dean, South Chicago Regional Center

BS, Illinois State University
MA in UM, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
DMin, McCormick Theological Seminary

Dr. Reynolds, who has extensive experience in the corporate business world, maintains ongoing ministry involvement as the pastor of a growing urban church. He has special interests in mentoring and urban leadership development. In addition to his central leadership role in the TEDS MA in Urban Ministries Program, he occasionally teaches at the college and divinity school on the Deerfield Campus.

Rick Richardson
Affiliate Professor of Mission and Evangelism

BS, Lafayette College
MDiv, Northern Baptist Theological Seminary
PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Dr. Richardson is Associate Professor of Evangelism at Wheaton College and an associate evangelist with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  He has served in campus ministry for 20 years, regularly speaking and ministering as an evangelist on campuses in many different parts of the country. He is also an ordained Anglican priest and has served as a pastor. 

Ed Stetzer
Affiliate Professor of Research and Missional Ministry

BS, Shorter College
MAR, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary
DMin, Beeson Divinity School
MDiv, PhD, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Dr. Stetzer has planted churches in New York, Pennsylvania, and Georgia and transitioned declining churches in Indiana and Georgia. He has trained pastors and church planters on five continents and has written dozens of articles and books. For three years, Dr. Stetzer was a professor at Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. He is the director of Lifeway Research and Lifeway’s Missiologist in Residence. His books include Planting New Churches in a Postmodern Age (2003), Perimeters of Light: Biblical Boundaries for the Emerging Church (with Elmer Towns, 2004), Strategic Outreach (with Eric Ramsey, 2005), Breaking the Missional Code (with David Putman, 2006), Planting Missional Churches (2006), Comeback Churches (with Mike Dodson, 

Keith E. Yandell
Affiliate Professor of Philosophy

BA, MA, Wayne State University
PhD, Ohio State University

Keith E. Yandell was Julius R. Weinberg Professor of Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, until his retirement. His many books include The Epistemology of Religious Experience (Cambridge University Press, 1994); Philosophy of Religion: A Contemporary Introduction (Routledge, 1999); with Harold Netland, Buddhism: A Christian Exploration and Appraisal (InterVarsity Press/Paternoster, 2009); Christianity and Philosophy (Eerdmans, 1984); Basic Issues in the Philosophy of Religion (Allyn and Bacon, 1971); and ed. Faith and Narrative (Oxford University Press, 2001).