Biology (BIO)

BIO 103 Introductory Biology - 4 Hours

A general survey of the basic principles of biology with an emphasis on humanity and humanity's role in nature. The scientific method, evolutionary theory, and Christianity as the basis of understanding nature and its problems are considered. Laboratory is included. Delivery mode: Wisconsin Prison Initiative.

BIO 145 Human Biology - 4 Hours

A study of basic principles of biology, cells, genetics, anatomy and physiology, and the human impact on the environment. Special emphasis will be given to understanding anatomy and physiology as it pertains to the workings of the human body and its response to disease. This course is suitable for non science majors and includes laboratory experience. Not for credit toward a major in biology. Laboratory fee. Delivery mode: Florida undergraduate.

BIO 150 Laboratory Methods in Biology - 1-3 Hours

This course is designed to meet the needs of the student who requires or desires laboratory experience in a particular area of biology additional to that available as part of the regularly offered coursework. The area of study will vary with the needs of the student. Prerequisites: at least one introductory course in biology and consent of the department chair. Laboratory fee. Delivery mode: Florida undergraduate.

BIO 300 Environmental Conservation - 3 Hours

An ecological approach to the study of conservation of natural resources as related to current environmental problems. Significant fieldwork is required. Delivery mode: Florida undergraduate.

BIO 320 Immunology - 3 Hours

A study of the cellular and molecular nature of innate and adaptive immune systems, including immunoglobulins, humoral and cell-mediated immune responses, immunopathology, immunobiology, and cancer biology. Prerequisites: BIO 111 and CH 112. Courses in microbiology, cell and molecular biology, and genetics are highly recommended. Offered on demand for Deerfield traditional undergraduate. Delivery mode: Deerfield traditional undergraduate.

BIO 340 Human Anatomy and Physiology I - 4 Hours

An in-depth study of the anatomical and physiological features of the following human body systems: integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, digestive/metabolic, lymphatic, and endocrine. Relevant clinical information and pathology are discussed. A strong emphasis is placed on experimental study and analysis of physiological processes. This course is suitable for premedical students, health sciences students, students wishing to pursue graduate studies in science, and education majors with a science emphasis. Laboratory is included. Prerequisites or corequisites: BIO 111 or CH 111-CH 112, or consent of instructor. Laboratory fee. Offered each year for Deerfield traditional undergraduate. Both semesters must be completed in order to apply to major. Delivery mode: Deerfield traditional undergraduate.

BIO 400 Origins and Evolution - 3 Hours

A critical examination of the empirical and theoretical bases for the theories of the origin of life and biological evolution. The scriptural account of creation and the various schools of thought on creation and evolution are considered. Prerequisites: BIO 111, BIO 112 or consent of the instructor. Offered spring semester in odd-numbered years. Delivery mode: Deerfield traditional undergraduate.

BIO 420X Cell and Molecular Biology - 4 Hours

A detailed study of the structure and function of cells in their genetic, biochemical, developmental, physiological and pathophysiological aspects. This course introduces students to the relationships that exist between cell structure and biochemical processes necessary for eukaryotic cell growth, differentiation, and death. Laboratory included. Prerequisites: BIO 111, and CH 320. Laboratory fee. Offered spring semester in even-numbered years for Deerfield traditional undergraduate. Cross listed with CH 420X. Delivery mode: Deerfield traditional undergraduate.

BIO 430 Developmental Biology - 4 Hours

A study of the nature of developmental processes of animals at the classical, experimental, and molecular levels. Reading, abstracting and presenting primary journal articles in the field of developmental biology constitutes the laboratory portion of the course. Prerequisites: BIO 111, BIO 340, BIO 341. Offered on demand for Deerfield traditional undergraduate. Delivery mode: Deerfield traditional undergraduate. .