EM 5000 Foundations in Educational Ministry - 2-3 Hours

How do the many and varied educational ministries of the church engage God's people in growth towards maturity in Christ? This course briefly explores the central issues involved, including Biblical and theological foundations of educational ministry, discipleship, teaching and learning, curriculum development, administration, and team building. Specific applications will be made to a variety of ministries, including children's, youth, adult, intergenerational, senior adult, and small groups.

EM 5100 Educational Ministries and Leadership - 3 Hours

Educational Ministries and Leadership explores the equipping of educational and other church leaders through teaching and learning, curriculum development, discipleship, and team building as well as generational and intergenerational ministries with children, youth, emerging adults, adults, and aging adults. The course will help ministry leaders understand and function in their role as practitioners leading God's people toward maturity in Christ. Students will gain core educational and leadership competencies informed by biblical theology, a sound understanding of the human person, context, and theory.

EM 5125 Teaching and Learning - 2-3 Hours

This course examines how Christian teachers can deepen their conceptual understanding and educational skills as they communicate Gospel teaching in a variety of contexts. Topics addressed include maturing in Christ as a Christian teacher, developmental learning theories, teaching strategies, teaching the Bible, evaluation tools, teaching teachers, and the roles of both the teacher and the learner during the teaching and learning process.

EM 5150 Urban Educational Ministries - 3 Hours

Introduction to the special educational program needs of administration and teaching in an urban context. Particular attention is given to the aims, principles, organizations, and development of a local church educational program, with focus on the aims, methods, media, and evaluation of the teaching process. Offered only at the South Chicago Regional Center.

EM 5210 Christian Leadership and Administration - 2-3 Hours

What is a Christian leader and how does one lead in a system context whether church or other organization? The course will survey leadership history and theories, the character of the leader, and topics such as teams, communication, power, conflict, change, ethics, and mentoring. Case studies will be used to assist participants in applying leadership theory to practice. Offered every year, generally fall.

EM 5415 Education Theory in Historical and Cultural Context - 2-3 Hours

A study of key persons in the development of philosophy and theology of education with a particular focus on their historical and cultural contexts. An analytical model for analysis of a philosophy and strategy of ministry will be used as a template for analyzing the ministry emphases of these key figures in the history of Christian education to inform contemporary ministry practice. A special focus will be on the normative ends of educational ministry.

EM 5510 Christian Formation & Journey - 2 Hours

An interactive exploration of the process of spiritual growth in the life of the believer, focusing on how the church has understood Christian spirituality and the process of Christ being formed in the believer. Special attention is given to the nature of the spiritual journey of the believer and the kind of educational interventions that are likely to enable spiritual growth in the people of God.

EM 5540 Youth in Congregations - 2 Hours

An examination of the essential components of youth ministry and their application to youth ministry situations.

EM 5560 Adults in Congregations - 2-3 Hours

A survey of adult development and generational differences, adult learning processes, and the ministry perspectives and structures necessary to assist Christian adults to progress toward maturity in a church or parachurch context.

EM 5576 Marriage & Family Enrichment - 2-3 Hours

Study of marriage and family from theological and social science viewpoints with a view to enriching them through methods and strategies of local church ministry. Students have the option of choosing projects to enrich their own marriage and family life or to prepare for marriage.

EM 6000 Current Topics in Educational Ministries - 1-4 Hours

Select and specialized topics relevant to educational ministry.

EM 6100 Intergenerational Ministry in the Church - 3 Hours

The course design will enable participants to develop an informed approach to ministry in the local church that builds bridges across generations. Themes in the course include intergenerational ministry in biblical and theological perspective; developmental and cultural issues in intergenerational ministry; learning and worship engaging the entire faith community; and service across the generations.

EM 6260 Small Group Processes in Ministry - 2-3 Hours

An examination of the biblical and theological foundations of small group ministry, the role of groups in spiritual formation, group strategies for ministry, small group dynamics, and the role of group leaders in guiding an effective group meeting. Offered on a two-year rotation.

EM 6265 Building Ministry Teams - 2-3 Hours

This course focuses on the role, effectiveness, structure, leadership, and impact of highly functioning teams in the church. Emphasis will be placed on team design, decision-making, mission, relationships, the role of the team in the larger organization, assessing team effectiveness and performance, and team leadership. Offered on a two-year rotation.

EM 6270 Building Community in the Church - 2-3 Hours

Focuses on building a culture of community in the local church. Includes having a basic theology of community, and an examination of existing models for building the community life of a congregation, including small group models, missional communities, classes, geography-based strategies, and medium-sized gatherings. Offered on a two-year rotation.

EM 6275 Developing Healthy Spiritual Leaders - 2-3 Hours

Participants will learn strategies and practices for developing healthy spiritual leaders, and will explore various leadership development strategies used by churches and other organizations. Offered on a two-year rotation. A retreat fee will be assessed.

EM 7465 (Educational Ministries) Capston Portfolio/Internship - 0-3 Hours

The MA/EM Capstone experience including development of a portfolio and applied ministry experience.

EM 7501 Guided Research - 1-4 Hours

Independent research on an approved selected topic under a faculty member in the Educational Ministries Department. May be repeated for credit as the subject matter changes. Available in all departments. Letter grade or Credit / No Credit as arranged with faculty member.