MA/OT Concentration Purpose

The Master of Arts concentration in Old Testament and Semitic Languages (MA/OT) provides specialized study in the Old Testament and Semitic Languages.  The MA/OT is academic rather than professional in focus, preparing participants in knowledge and practice for teaching or researching in Christian secondary schools, or higher education where a doctorate may not be needed; or as an intermediate step toward doctoral study in a related area.

MA/OT Concentration Objectives and Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with a Master of Arts degree in Old Testament will be able to:

  • articulate an understanding of biblical and theological constructs that form the foundation of evangelical Christian faith
  • ground theological interpretations in the biblical text, historical developments, and contemporary context
  • demonstrate an ability to contribute to biblical, historical, educational, and/or theological studies in an increasingly global and culturally diverse world
  • demonstrate academic proficiency in the student’s chosen area of concentration
  • demonstrate a breadth of perspective and focused depth for further academic work in the student’s chosen area of concentration

MA/OT Prerequisites

  1. 6 semester hours of Bible including Old and New Testament surveys; or TEDS OT 5000 and NT 5000
  2. an undergraduate major in Bible or its equivalent that includes a minimum of 30 hours in Bible/Hebrew/theology (12 or more in Bible; beginning languages are not considered Bible courses)
  3. proficiency in biblical Hebrew at a level equivalent to completion of TEDS OT 5241
Bible and Theology Core9
ID 5000Biblical Theology and Interpretation3
ST 5201
ST 5202
Theology I: The God of the Gospel
and Theology II: The Gospel of God
Concentration Core21
Hebrew Exegesis
Old Testament Studies I: Pentateuch & Former Prophets
Old Testament Studies II: Latter Prophets & Writings
Select 5-6 hours of Hebrew Language from the following:5-6
Hebrew Reading Skills
Exegesis of Genesis
Exegesis of Psalms
Exegesis of Isaiah
Seminar: Current Issues (when topic is Hebrew Studies; approval by dept chair))
Advanced Hebrew Exegesis:
Advanced Hebrew Studies:
Select 3 hours of Cognate Languages from:3
Biblical Aramaic
Extrabiblical Aramaic
Akkadian I
Akkadian II
West Semitic Inscriptions
Middle Egyptian
Seminar: Current Issues (when topic is Cognate Lang; approval by dept chair)
Select 6 hours of Old Testament Elective Studies from: 1,26
Geography of Bible Lands
Devel of the Old Testament Canon
Interpreting the Pentateuch and Former Prophets
Interpreting the Latter Prophets
Old Testament Theology
Ancient Near Eastern Religions
Egypt and the Bible
Origins of Israel
Warfare in OT and Ancient NE
History of Israel
History of the Ancient Near East
Qumran Scrolls
Seminar: Current Issues (approval by dept chair)
Old Testament Textual Criticism
Field Education0
Select one option from the following:0
Option 1:
Field Education (2 semesters)
Option 2:
Field Education (1 semester)
Formation Group (2 semesters)
MA/OT Capstone0-2
MA/OT Major Comprehensive Exam0
OT 7485MA Thesis0-2
Total Hours32

Up to 2 hours of the Capstone may be applied in the Concentration Core


OT 5000, NT 5000, and English Bible courses (OT 5100, NT 5100) are not applicable to the MA program