Academic Appeal Process

Students with concerns about course grades or the interpretation and/or implementation of academic policies may pursue resolution through the following appeal process. (For academic dismissal, there is a separate process; see the Academic Dismissal Appeal Process.) At each stage, students should attempt to clearly articulate and document any unusual or extenuating circumstances that they feel have bearing on the issue. Each stage of the process is essential, and every effort should be made to resolve concerns as early as possible in the process, making further appeals unnecessary.

First and foremost, the student should attempt resolution by discussing the issue with the faculty/staff member involved.

If the student is unable to resolve the issue to her/his satisfaction by conversing with the faculty/staff member, the student should approach the chair of the department or director of the division to seek resolution.

Failing resolution at the department/division level, the student may submit a written appeal to the College Academic Appeals Committee (CAAC), a standing committee composed of two full-time faculty members and the University Registrar. This formal, written appeal to the CAAC must be initiated within sixty days of receipt of the grade or interpretation/implementation of policy that is in question. Note: Complete “Academic Appeal Instructions” are available from the Academic Records office via My.TIU.

Finally, if the matter is still not resolved, or if the student is still dissatisfied with the outcome, the student may appeal to the Dean of the College. Such an appeal must be initiated within ten days of the written communication indicating the decision of the CAAC.

At any stage of this process the student may choose to be represented by legal counsel; however, the Dean of the College should be informed of this in advance to give the college the opportunity to obtain legal representation.