Course Delivery Modalities

Trinity College offers instruction via several delivery modalities. 

  • Traditional, semester-length classes are offered face to face on the Bannockburn campus. Classes meet 50 minutes weekly for each hour of credit earned.  This is referred to as "traditional,” and it is the delivery mode used by the majority of Trinity's undergraduate students.
  • Online classes are part of Trinity's fully online degree program designed for working adults, who can complete their degree while continuing their work and ministry wherever they live. Online courses last six, twelve, or 18 weeks. Trinity's accelerated online courses require about 20 weekly study hours for a six-week three-credit online class.  Students enrolled in the traditional undergraduate program of Trinity College are limited to one online course per semester. Note that an additional fee may apply for online courses. During summer term (including May term), students may enroll in up to 12 credit hours of online and face-to-face Trinity classes. However, they may enroll in no more than six credit hours (or two courses) concurrently.